Community Guidelines


Artist on cue is an Entertainment Professional Network specifically developed for Artists and Employers within Entertainment field. Whether you are an Artist looking for Jobs or to improve your skills taking various courses on our site, or an Employer looking for particular Candidates to fill your position, Artist on cue is the perfect platform. We value our members and we want to make sure that we can offer the best service and in accordance with our guidelines.

We appreciate you taking steps to follow our guidelines described below and report any misbehavior that might be in violation of our policies. You may report a profile, an activity post or comment directly on-site or by using this form. Even though we take reasonable measure to identify any violations on our site, we encourage you to take the time and report any suspicious activity or misbehavior.

Violations to look out for, spam, phishing, scam or particular harmful content, are described here.

Once identified certain violations on-site with your help, we will take steps accordingly, whether removing the content or deleting the account of the user in violation of our policies.

Fake User Accounts and Impersonations

We do not allow fake users on our platform and it is not appropriate to provide false information about your experience or skills and education on your profile. By pretending to be another person for the purpose of entertainment or fraud is not allowed. Please use accurate details about yourself, and do not upload or use someone else’s photo as your profile photo.

You are not allowed to portray yourself as being part of a Company or create a Company that you are not associated with. Furthermore, you are not allowed to create fake accounts and post content on Artist on cue with the purpose to deceive or manipulate another user. Use appropriate channels for their default purpose and not for your own gain or others.

Professionalism, Misinformation and Disinformation

The platform is meant only for professionals in the Entertainment field; therefore, we ask our users to act professional. Be respectful towards other users and maintain a collaborative, friendly attitude. When posting content, whether on your own timeline or Groups feed, or messaging privately to another user or Employer, be on topic and use appropriate language.

Do not share false information or use obscene or pornographic images or videos with another user. You may not include false rumors or false information in your content, or creating/forming a group, blog or company page with the purpose of introducing false content, or insults and pranks in your content, misrepresentation of genuine information or imagery, impersonation of authentic sources, misleading use of information by introducing content as fact, presenting amusing but false stories as if they were true.


Also known as ‘cyber harassment’ or ‘cyber abuse’ includes, but is not limited to, the behaviors described below, can compromise user’s privacy or even threat user’s physical safety.

We take very seriously any type of online bullying, and you are not allowed to harass another user with focus on personal or physical characteristics, race, ethnicity, religion, political views, sexual orientation or gender, physical appearance or disability, that can compromise user’s privacy or safety, including hateful speech, sexual harassment, threats of physical and sexual violence, impersonation, doxing, nonconsensual pornography, message bombing, trolling, and many more.


You are not allowed to harass another user that may involve threats, embarrassment, or humiliation in any type of content.

Cyber-Mob Attacks

You are not allowed as a group to try to collectively shame, harass, threaten, or discredit another user with the purpose of silencing or publicly punishing the user.


You are not allowed to harass with the intent to kill, injure, or intimidate another user.


You are not allowed to publish other users’ sensitive personal information online in an attempt to harass, intimidate, extort, stalk, or steal their identity. “Sensitive information” can include social security numbers, phone numbers,  home addresses, personal photos, employment information, email addresses, and family members’ personal information.


Unauthorized access into another users’ device or network with the intention to attack, harm, or incriminate another individual by stealing their data, violating their privacy, or infecting their devices with viruses is not allowed.

Hateful speech and online threats

You are not allowed to harass another user by attacking a specific aspect of a person’s identity, such as one’s race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender, religion, or disability or threating another user physically or sexually.

Message Bombing (whether email, text, or SMS)

You are not allowed to intentionally flood another user’s phone or email account with messages meant to limit or block the user’s access to a device’s operating system or platform.

Intimate images and videos

You are not allowed to share, link, upload, message or post content of private, sexually-explicit images or videos on Artist on cue site.


You are not allowed to create fake user accounts, in order to post offensive or inflammatory statements to defame, harass in any way or discredit another user.

Online Sexual Harassment

Any kind of sexual misconduct on our platform is not allowed, whether sharing, link, upload, message or post content of intimate images and videos, sexually threatening another user to participate in sexual behavior, blackmailing another user with sexual content, bullying another user through the use of humiliating or discriminatory sexual content, making sexual advances, requests within comments or messages and content.


Any kind of hate speech, or playful distribution of memes, degrading comments or messages or provocative content, whether occasionally or frequently, with the purpose of intentionally mistreating another user, seek attention or cause trouble and/or disputes, are not allowed on Artist on cue. That includes deliberately acting as a group or forming a group of trolls, together to harass through a cascade of deceitful questions, threats, slurs, insults, and other tactics meant to shame, silence, discredit another user.



Be aware of third parties’ scammers impersonating as a trustworthy source in attempt to obtain private information such as passwords, and credit card information from a user. These fake websites are often duplicating the original ones in order to avoid suspicion from a user.

Spam and Scams

Scams are usually strategies to purposely mislead the user in various ways in attempt to take advantage of them. Unrelated or inappropriate, non-target commercial or promotional content are not allowed on our site. That includes sending promotional messages to users that you are not connected with or making use of certain content on-site to promote yourself or your business.


Be aware of certain e-mails or files sent from unconfirmed location, whether on-site or received by email, designed to collect and transmit private information, such as password, without the user’s consent or knowledge.

Offensive or harmful content

We do not allow offensive or distasteful content which may often be not appreciative of other users, whether hate speech or otherwise provocative content. The following types of content are illegal and harmful and not allowed on our site:

  • images and videos of sexual abuse
  • content that support terrorist acts
  • content that promotes, encourage or instructs in crime or violence
  • images or videos of real violence, cruelty and criminal activity
  • bullying or harassment
  • threats
  • impersonation
  • sexual advances
  • violent content
  • self-harm, suicide or eating disorders content
  • pornographic content
  • drug abuse


You may not attempt to compromise, overcome, defeat or modify any data, or gain unauthorized access of any user account. Furthermore, you may not deliver any damaging or malicious virus or harmful content, disclose information that you don’t have the right to disclose, steal or ask any kind of information from another user that you are not connected with for the purpose of harm in any way, portraying yourself as an Employer of a Company or create a Company that you are not affiliated with. Do not use any images or videos in content for commercial purposes such as advertisements, promotions, endorsements, advertorials, commercial blogs, jobs without obtaining prior written consent from the copyright owner, and additional permissions as necessary.

By accessing our site, you must comply fully with all applicable laws including, Tax laws (based on every state and country that has different expectations and standards when it comes to taxes), Trademarks(A word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others), Patents(A limited duration property right relating to an invention, in exchange for public disclosure of the invention), Copyrights(Protects works of authorship, such as writings, music, and works of art that have been tangibly expressed), Age Restrictions(Please refer to our Terms and Conditions clause 4.1.1. – be at least 18 years of age, or any such older age your jurisdiction may require for you to provide the consent required in these Terms inclusive of the Privacy Policy without any parental consent)

You are not allowed to use our site for committing fraud, harm or deceive other users, impersonating another person or to sell or promote illegal products, including drugs and weapons.

Please do not violate Artist on cue policies described on our site and you may not access Artist on cue service except in frontend and as per membership levels chosen when joining our platform.