Connecting Better. A call for your talent to stand out.

Connecting Better. A call for your talent to stand out.

“Everyone you meet knows something you don’t know but need to know. Learn from them.”— C.G. Jung. Featured in: C.G. Jung Quotes

Connecting with people within the Entertainment industry is your most indispensable asset, a bridge that you cross daily in developing your career path and finding the right opportunities.

As a former performer, I have experienced the frustration of finding the right job or connection. Even when looking for new leads for my businesses, in the past and to this very day. It all starts with the right connection and finding that contact that will assist in opening the right doors at the right time.

How can you improve your connecting skills?

Is it enough to connect with a person that you think might be the right one for a specific role/helping you pursue your goals? Is this the right lead? Can you learn something from your connection that will help improve your career path?

Over the last ten years, I have connected with thousands of people within the Entertainment Industry. What sets these connections apart? Which leads panned out and which didn’t?

Turns out, the answer is simple and more powerful than you’d think.

Learn how to connect with people in more creative ways and don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Customizing your interactions improves your authenticity.

Here are a few tips from my personal experience:

1. Search only for your niche. Use specific filters and referrals, no matter the platform you are using.

2. Be genuine. If connecting to a person for increasing your number of connections, it won’t make a difference. Connect with a purpose and genuine care.

3. Research your connections. Learn about them and their experiences, what matters to them and how you can assist. Pay attention to details.

4. Offer to help. Even if offering to quote them in an article or blog post or share their services with your community. Every little bit makes a difference.

5. Follow up. Keep it personal not formal when connecting to a lead. Persistence is the key! Having said that, you shouldn’t harass your connection daily. If they haven’t replied immediately to your email, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to connect.

How can I help you connect better?

When Covid hit, our industry was one of the first to come to a standstill. We had to all think out of the box and embrace new opportunities and ideas.

For the past year, I’ve worked on creating Artist on cue, a professional network designed to exclusively assist individuals in the entertainment industry to reach for their dreams by creating a space where they can interact, find the right connections (by using our extensive ‘Filter Panel’), apply for or post jobs, take online courses to improve their skills, create multiple resumes, like/comment on the activity feed, and so much more, all on one platform. Created by entertainers for entertainers.

AOC Platform:

We are giving the first 100 users on-site a Free Two Month Premium Membership + 5 Job Listings (for Employers) to get you started.

Try AOC FREE for 2 months by using the offer code “AOCPremium” at checkout. To join, please follow the link:

Post your first 5 Jobs FREE by using the offer code “AOC5Jobs” at checkout. To post a job, please follow the link: below:

Recently, I have seen our industry returning to the new normal. Now is your chance to grab every opportunity that comes your way!

The truth is that your next connection is waiting for you to reach them. But you can only do that in your authentic way.

What is your creative way to connect with your leads?

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