Copyright Policy

Effective Date: 05 MAY 2021

1. Introduction

1.1. Artist on Cue Proprietary Limited (herein “we“, “us“, “our“) respects intellectual property rights and as such we require users who make use or access the website at (herein “user“, “you“, “your“) to not violate any third parties intellectual property rights and aim to protect users intellectual property rights.
1.2. This policy (herein “Copyright Policy“) sets out the procedures surrounding the infringement of user or third-party rights to any intellectual property uploaded on the website.

2. Infringement Notices

2.1. Should a user or any other third-party copyright owner become aware of any alleged copyright infringement taking place on or through the website a report of the infringement (herein “Infringement Notice”) can be filed in accordance with this clause.
2.2. An Infringement Notice must include the following information:
2.2.1. identify with sufficient detail the protected content/s subject to the infringement claim and if available proof that you have rights in and to the content;
2.2.2. identify with sufficient detail the works infringing on your protected content (herein “Infringing Works”) and the location of such Infringing Works including but not limited to the URL;
2.2.3. provide your contact information including your email address, physical address and telephone number; and
2.2.4. a statement confirming that the information provided in the Infringement Notice is true and accurate and that the Infringing Works do not amount to fair use as permitted by law.
2.3. The Infringement Notice must be submitted to us via the following email address:
2.4. Upon receipt of an Infringement Notice, we will provide the poster of the content with a copy of the Infringement Notice and require their substantive, written response. Upon having afforded the poster reasonable opportunity to reply to the Infringement Notice, we will make a ruling on the matter and inform the complainant of the outcome.
2.5. Notwithstanding the preceding clause, we reserve the right to take down any content on our website that we deem to be in contravention of our terms, policies and procedures without prior notification to the poster of such content.