Networking Tips for Artists

Putting yourself out there and even asking for help isn’t always easy, especially as an artist. Some artists hold onto their egos to prove that they can do it themselves- and others may feel too scared to ask for help. The entertainment industry is highly competitive. Whether it’s asking for advice, finding a support system, or even requesting to set up a pitch meeting. Networking is key to getting any dream job.

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Here are some tips to help you with your networking as an artist:

  • Find Your Niche: Since the entertainment industry is a highly competitive field, it’s crucial to figure out what makes you stand out from everyone else. Managers, producers, and agents look for striking creatives that aren’t afraid to take risks. Rachel Bloom made her start by creating musical comedy skits on YouTube. She then went on to create, write and star in the musical comedy show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
  • Create an Online Portfolio: Job sites make it easy for you to find and apply to vacancies. However, many of those sites are more corporate-focused. Try freelancing sites that can give you more creative freedom. Freelancing is also an easy way to build up your portfolio and gain more experience. Social media is another great resource out there. It allows you creative freedom and builds a following at the same time. You never know who may come across your profile, so keep it active and fresh. Try out our Artist on Cue site, where you can easily network and build your online portfolio. 
  • Ask Someone to Mentor You: Put yourself out there and make contact with someone whom you admire in your field. The best advice and input are always from people with experience. You’d be surprised how many people want new artists to succeed. If you’re lucky enough, they may just put in a good word for you. Make sure to respect their boundaries. Don’t overwhelm them with phone calls and emails.
  • Find a Supportive Community: Another method of networking is finding like-minded artists. Research your area to see if classes or meetups are available. There are also online options if you can’t find anything locally. You can join social media groups, forums, and video chat meetings. By finding your community, you can share your insider tips and uplift one another. Supportive communities can create long-lasting friendships, too.
  • Be Open to Constructive Criticism: As an artist, you’ll be facing a lot of criticism. It is up to you if the criticism you get is helpful. You don’t have to listen to someone with no experience in entertainment telling you your dreams are worthless because it’s not constructive. However, listening to constructive feedback from critics, experts and mentors is beneficial for your career growth.

Humans are social beings by nature. One of the ways we can move forward in life these days is by asking for help. Anyone on any career path can benefit from networking, especially introverts. These days we are lucky to have easy access to social media and the online world. The right people will help you get closer to achieving your dream job.

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