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Artist on cue is a Professional Entertainment Platform specifically developed for individuals (Talents, Instructors, Influencers and Employers) within the Entertainment field. Whether you are a candidate looking for jobs or to improve your skills via our online courses, or an Instructor willing to share your knowledge, or an Employer wanting to post jobs, search and reach out to professional talents, Artist on cue is the perfect platform for you. Connect with your peers, instructors, influencers or employers directly, post/browse jobs, take a course or become an instructor. Artist on cue offers it all.

We have carefully developed two Membership Levels that will best suit your needs and budget. Whether you are looking to connect with colleagues in the industry or prospective employers, take an online course or become an instructor, create a company page or apply for/post a job, access to free resume templates, create a blog or be featured on the Members Directory page, we have a membership package for you. To sign up, all Membership Levels can be found here.

Whether you are a Talent or an Employer, easily connect with members by making use of our extensively developed search filter. Simply go to the Members page, click on ‘Filter’, select any sections desired from the Left Panel and search exactly the candidate or employer you are looking for. Whether you are a Casting Director looking to cast an extremely specific role based on location, height, hair color, vocal range, skills, etc., or an Acrobat looking for Entertainment Managers, our ‘Filter’ option will simplify your search and show you the Members that meet your specific requirements.

If you have a technical problem, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please make sure to describe your issue in detail:

  1. Where are you on-site and what are you trying to do?
  2. What kind of error do you see?
  3. What kind of device are you using? (i.e. mobile/tablet/desktop)
  4. What browser are you using? (i.e. Safari/Internet Explorer/Chrome)

Any screenshots would help solve your issue faster.

We are encouraging users to edit their profile and add as much as possible info to be found on searches, particularly at Members Directory page, by using the Filter Panel. (EX: when adding your ‘hair color’ – blond while editing your profile, your profile will appear at Members page, when an employer is searching specifically users with blond hair for a particular role).
If you choose to select ‘only me’ for privacy when editing your profile, you will still appear in searches, but that particular section won’t be visible at your user profile page. You are able to select your privacy for each section to ‘public’, ‘all members’, ‘my connections’ or ‘only me’.
You may edit your profile by going to – User Profile/Edit Profile or by clicking on ‘Complete profile’ button found at User Profile Timeline – Left sidebar – Complete your profile widget and in the Main Activity – Left Sidebar – Complete your profile widget.

You may change your profile privacy by going to your User Profile Dropdown/Settings/Profile Visibility. For Groups, you can also restrict



You will receive a badge if purchased the Premium Membership Package. Please click here to check our Membership Packages.
If you become an Instructor on Artist on cue, you will automatically receive the Instructor badge. If you take any of our online courses you will receive a student badge. Your badges will be visible on your profile page. Same if you become an Author on Artist on cue, you will receive an badge.

Premium Level Badge   

Instructor Badge 

Student Badge 


Easily search through Artist on cue talents by making use of our extensive search filter. Whether you are looking for a particular height, hair color or length, body type, or skills, we’ve got you covered. Simply go to the Members page, click on ‘Filter’ and select from the left panel exactly what you are looking for, or by Member’s Job Title or Name through the search field found at the ‘Members‘ page on the right-top corner. Directly contact prospective talents by either using the Filter Panel from the Members page or from your job dashboard when posting a job.

In order to post a job, you will need to purchase one of our job plans that best suit your needs. Our job listing plans can be found here. Users who purchased a job plan can post a job and assign it to a Company. If the company is not yet published on Artist on cue, you’ll need to create a Company page, in order for the job to be linked to the Company Page. Click here to create a Company. 

When posting a job on Artist on cue, we kindly request employers to add as much information as possible to ensure that job requirements are clear and for the job to be listed accordingly on the search filters.

Once a job is published, both the Job and the Company are listed on Artist on cue, on our Jobs board, and/or Companies board, and/or Recent/Featured Jobs whether sidebar widgets, header or job single page. Job seekers/applicants can see all Job details, Company name and links in order to easily apply.

For more info about hiring process and our Job packages, please click here.

To create a Company Page, click here

You can also go to the Companies page and click on ‘Create a Company’. Please make sure to add a LOGO and COVER photo as per field description sizes along with all the necessary information in order for users to easily find the Company via the search filters.

If you have any technical issues, please contact us by email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

All your jobs posted can be found under your Job Dashboard at either User Profile/Jobs/My Jobs or Jobs Directory page/My Jobs. The Job Dashboard allows you to see your applicants per job posted, and once clicked on applicants found under ‘Applications’ column, you are able to review, add notes, download their CVs, contact them directly or download your job applicants in CSV format for further assessment. Furthermore in your Job Dashboard, you are able to edit, mark filled, duplicate or delete any jobs you’ve created.

Business Solutions

In order to post a job, you will need to purchase one of our job packages that best suit your needs. More details about our job packages can be found here. On our ‘Hire-Talent‘ page, you will find other FAQ related to hiring process. Depending on how often you are looking to post jobs, we’ve got you covered. Our packages range from 1 Job Listing to Unlimited Listings. Once you have purchased a plan, we’ll automatically process an invoice for you which you’ll be able to find at your user account- ‘My Account’.

Want to improve your skills and learn from industry experts? Click here to view our courses.

Select the right course for you by using the search filters: by category, latest, instructor, or simply type in the word/name of a course you would like to attend, for example: ‘Play Guitar” or “Vocal Training”.

If you are interested in becoming an Instructor, please click here to find more info. Make sure to add in as much information as possible when submitting your material here.

Having a company created on Artist on cue, is providing a great PR. The Company’s followers will be notified every time the Company is posting a new update. We are encouraging you to create a Company page before posting a job, so the Job can be linked directly to the Company page and website. The Jobs posted by the Company will be shown at Company Profile page/Jobs.

Once a Company is created, as the creator of the Company, you will have full control of who are your Team Members, edit your info after the Company was submitted, invite AOC members or your connections to become employees, or post any updates in the Company News-Feed for your followers to see. You will be able to promote your employees to administrator role, giving them access to manage your company page. You are also able to demote any administrator, kick & ban or remove from company page.

You can create a Company here. Don’t forget to add as much as possible information for the users to find your Company easier and make sure to add the LOGO and COVER PHOTO as per sizes described on the form.

When signing up for any membership, you will be able to create one or multiple free online resumes. Having multiple online resumes created will help apply faster for specific positions with specific skills without completing an application form over and over again. When applying for a job, you can choose one of the resumes created online to send immediately.  More info here.
Moreover, if signing up for a Premium Membership Package, you will have access to free resume templates for you to download in Word format and use when applying for a job. You can choose your desired resume here.

Simply register on Artist on cue platform for a Free Account and submit your profile for approval by completing the form found on the ‘Become an Influencer‘ page/’submit’ button. Once an Admin will review your profile, you will be contacted by email with further instructions. Please make sure to have at least 5k followers on your active platform, whether Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Once approved, you will have a Free Premium Membership Level access on-site and appear on the ‘Influencers‘ page.


Any news you might have, you may post on the News-Feed. Please use the adequate channels for Jobs related or Courses. 

Be professional. We ask our members to behave professionally by not being inappropriate. When creating a post, please keep it professional and clean. Do not share false information or use the platform to harass others, or using bad language or sharing someone else’s copyrighted works.  Do not share graphic, obscene, or pornographic content on the News-Feed or on any of the other services we provide. We do not allow fake profiles on our platform and you shouldn’t provide false information about yourself, your education, skills or work experience.

For more info, please check our Community Guidelines.

We’ve developed an extensive search filter on the Members page for users to get connected based on their interest, whether connecting to a branch fellow or directly with a Casting Director. Please go to the ‘Members’ page and click on ‘Filter’ to access the search tabs. You may connect to a member or follow them. Once connected, you will be able to message each other directly. 

We’ve developed search filters for Jobs as well. Whether you are only looking for Jobs in your area or willing to relocate, or certain jobs based on Job Title or Job skills, or by category, you can certainly find what you are looking for. 

EX: Type in “London” on the ‘Location’ search field, found at ‘Jobs‘ page, and you will see all Jobs available in London.

We’ve developed search filters for Companies as well. Whether you are only looking for Companies in your area or worldwide, or by Industry, you can certainly find what you are looking for. 

EX: Type in “London” on the ‘Location’ search field, found at ‘Companies‘ page, and you will see all Companies created on-site from London.

Select the right course using the search filter, by category, latest created or Instructor, or simply type in the search field found on ‘Courses‘ page – top-right the name of your course you would like to attend.

EX: Type in ‘Play Guitar’ or ‘Vocal Training’ on the search field found at ‘Courses’ page – top – right corner, and you will be able to see all courses based on your search.

If you would like to create a Group, please go to the ‘Groups‘ page and click on ‘Create a Group’. Once a Group Single Page is created and approved by an admin, you will be able to invite your connections, message each-other, or post on the group’s feed for all members to see, assign an Organizer or Moderator for the group and so much more. 

Please make sure when creating a Group to add in a Group Photo and a Group Cover Photo, along with a proper description of what the Group is about.

If you would like to get connected with an Influencer please click here. We’ve also developed search filters for the ‘Influencers’ page, based on location, certain keywords, and Industry. You may be able to connect with them to learn how to develop your career further. Find out the ins and outs and get the right tips on how to succeed in your field.

If you would like to create a blog, please click here. More information on how-to, you may find at How to use AOC page.