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Hire talent best suited for the job. We’ve developed an extensive search filter. Easily filter through talents based on location, industry, or skill requirements. Visit the Members page and activate the search filter side panel by clicking on ‘Filter’ button.


We’ve made it easy for Employers to manage their jobs posts and applicants in one convenient location. Review, take notes, download CV’s or Applicants lists, or connect directly with prospective candidates.


Create a Company Page and start posting jobs. Talents can search for companies and see Team Members once a job is posted.  Post the latest updates about your Company, send invites to users to become employees, and much more. 

Job Packages

1 Job Posting

R282flat fee
Job Listing Limit - 1
1 Job Listing Duration – 15 days
Access to Job Dashboard
Access to Application Manager
Access to Advanced Member Database
Immediate Display in Job Listing Directory

3 Job Pack

R563flat fee
Job Listing Limit - 3
1 Job Listing Duration – 15 days
Access to Job Dashboard
Access to Application Manager
Access to Advanced Member Database
Immediate Display in Job Listing Directory

5 Job Pack

R845flat fee
Job Listing Limit - 5
1 Job Listing Duration – 15 days
Access to Job Dashboard
Access to Application Manager
Access to Advanced Member Database
Immediate Display in Job Listing Directory


Invoices are automatically sent to the user and logged under the user account – “My Account”. Invoices can be accessed by logging in and click here.

In order to post a job, you will need to purchase any of the job plans above that best suit your needs. Once you have purchased a plan, we’ll automatically process an invoice for you which can be found at your user account – ‘My Account’.

Users who purchased any job plan can post a job and assign it to the relevant company page. If the company is not yet published on Artist on cue, you’ll need to create a Company page with a logo and cover photo, in order for the job to be linked to the Company. Click here to create a Company Page.

When you are posting a job on Artist on cue, we kindly ask that you add as much information as possible to ensure candidates understand your requirements and for the job to be listed accordingly based on our search filters.

Once a job is published, both the Job and the Company will be listed on Artist on cue, whether on the Jobs directory, or Companies directory. Once a job is published, candidates will be able to see all job details, Company name and who posted the job.

All job posts last for 15 days, except for the Recruiter Plan, where 1 job listing will last for 30 days.

If you wish for a job listing to be active for longer than 15 days you can extend it, but you must make sure you have enough Job Listing credits on your account. In order to re-publish the job, go to User Account – Profile, and click on ‘My Jobs’. Under My Jobs, choose the Job you would like to re-publish, click on duplicate and follow the same steps when you first posted the job. If you have enough Job Listing credits, the job will automatically be sent to an admin for approval. Once approved, the Job will be re-published.

If you need to add more details on a job you’ve already posted: Go back to User Account – Profile – Jobs, and under My Jobs choose the Job you would like to edit, and click on edit. Once you finished, click on ‘Submit changes for approval’. An admin will review the changes and publish at no additional cost.

If a job has been posted already but will expire soon, you will be able to duplicate your job by going to User Profile/Jobs/My Jobs, hover over the job published you wish to duplicate and click on ‘Duplicate’. Once an admin approves your duplicated job, it will show again at Jobs Directory, and/or Company Profile page, and/or Recent/Featured Jobs, whether sidebar widgets, header or Job Single Page.
Please make sure to change any details you might want for the duplicated job, including the application closing date.
Please make sure you have enough job listing credits remaining from your job packages plan before duplication.

Great! Once you’ve found your perfect candidate, you may go to User Account – Profile – Jobs, choose the Job, and click on ‘Mark filled’. Your Job will automatically be updated on the platform and you won’t receive more applications.

Once you have found your perfect candidate and want to remove your Job listing, please go to your User Account – Profile – Jobs and under My Jobs choose the job you would like to delete and click on ‘delete’. The Job will be automatically be deleted from Artist on cue.

When you post a job using a job package with a listing limit, your “Jobs Remaining” count will be decreased by 1. There is a grace period of 2 days, so if a job is deleted within 2 days of posting, the “Jobs Remaining” count will be incremented by 1.

They don’t. Unpublished job credits will not expire. They are available for your use until they are published. When a job listing is published, it will expire after 15 days, except for the Job Listings from the Recruiter Plan, which will expire in 30 days.

The right candidate for your job is merely a click away. We’ve developed an extensive search filter to match any Employers job requirements. Please click on the ‘Filter’ button found on the Member Directory page.

This allows you to search for and get in contact with any member of Artist on cue.

Exposure is key! Having a company created on Artist on cue, is providing a great PR. Connect directly with your followers/employees. Your Company’s followers will be notified when posting an update or new job listing. Create a Company here before posting a job so you can choose the Company created from the dropdown ‘Company Name’ found inside the Post a Job submission form.

Conveniently manage your job listings and applications. All your job posts can be found on your Job Dashboard at either User Profile/Jobs/My Jobs or Jobs Directory page/My Jobs.

The Job Dashboard allows you to see applicants per job posted. You can individually review each applicant under ‘Applications’ column, add notes, download their CVs, contact them directly or download your job applicants in CSV format for further assessment. Furthermore, you are able to edit, mark filled, duplicate or delete any jobs you’ve created.

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