Introduction Section

The Introduction Section is the first thing a user see. You will want to make sure you have a Profile Photo, Cover Photo, Job Title and your socials updated. You can edit your profile photo at User Profile/Profile/Profile Photo or by hovering over the photo/edit. Same steps for the Cover Photo.

Editing Your Profile

In order to appear in Members Directory search filters, you will want to edit your profile as much as possible. Please go through every sections and complete the relevant ones. You also have the option to set your privacy for each section. You can edit your profile by going to User Profile/Profile/Edit.

Multiple Online Resumes

This tool will allow you to create multiple resumes based on your job target. Having multiple online resumes created will help apply faster for specific positions with specific skills without completing an application form over and over again. Go to your Profile/Resumes tab and under 'My Resumes' click on 'Add Resume'.


Ask your friends to write a testimonial for you. It will definitely make an impact in front of Employers when visiting your profile. To add a testimonial to another friend, go to his profile page/testimonials/write new testimonial and click on 'Post'.


If you are working in 3D market or Modeling, creating your Portfolio is a great asset for the Employers to see it. You can either add photos or create an album where you can add multiple photos. To create an album, go to your Profile Page/Photos tab/Albums and click on Create Album button.


Do you want to inform Employers about your availability? Make use of this tool, by going to your Profile Page/Profile/Edit Profile/Contact section, right at the bottom. This way the Employer will know when available for jobs. Please make sure to update it when necessary.

Profile Page

Create a Professional Profile

Company Page

Establish Your Brand

Adding Your Admins

When creating a Company Page you will want to add one or multiple Administrators to manage your page. Go to your company page and under 'Manage' tab/Settings click on the box under Company Employers and select your admins.


Make sure to add a LOGO and a COVER PHOTO when creating a Company Page. You can either add your logo when initially creating the company or after by going to your Company Page/Manage tab/Photo and click on 'Select your file' button.

Social Links

For transparency we recommend adding your other socials when creating a company page, whether Facebook, Twitter or Website. In order to add your social links, please go to your Company Page/Manage tab/Socials.


When creating a company page, besides admins, you are able to invite employees to join the company and showing at Employees section. As an Admin you will be able to add employees, promote them to co-administrators, demote them back to employee status, kick & ban or remove them from the company page.

Our Focus

we create tools that starts with you

Your Jobs

Jobs & Job Alerts; Job Dashboard

Jobs Directory

When searching for jobs please make use of the filters specifically created for you. You will be able to search by title, location or industry.

Job Alerts

You will be able to create as many job alerts as you want, whether daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. To create a job alert go to your Profile Page/Jobs/Job Alerts and click on Add Alert button, after which you may edit, disable or delete them.

Job Dashboard

The Job Dashboard will help you see your applicants right from your Profile Page. You will be able to add notes, download applicant resume, send email, rate, see their details, download job listing applicant list in CSV file and so much more.

Your Tools

More to do

Email Invites

You are able to invite your friends to join our platform by simply adding their email address and a personal message. Go to Profile Page/Email Invites tab.

Filter Panel

If you would like to search a particular user, you may do so at Members Page by using the Filter Panel. With over 20 filter sections, you will be able to select the right candidate.

Create an article

Click on the 'More Action' icon to open the panel to select your category, add tags and featured image. To create an article go to Blogs page and click on 'Create a blog'.

Influencers Directory

Promote your products with the help of our Influencers. Make use of the filters found at Influencers Directory. Go to Megamenu/Influencers. You may be able to select based on nr of followers between 5K to Any.


Take courses to improve your skills. Make use of the filters found at Courses Directory page. You are able to find your course by Title, Instructor, Category, Alphabetical or newly created. Go to Megamenu/Courses.

Blogs Directory

If you are looking for a particular Article, you may be able to find it at blogs directory. Make use of the filters based on title and category. To access the directory, you can go to Megamenu/Blogs.


Create your own public, private or hidden group. Make use of the filters while on the Group Directory by industry, newly created, most members, recently active or alphabetical. Go to Megamenu/Groups.

Filter Panel

Find the right candidate

Make use of over 20 filter sections to help you find the right candidate based on your role and job description.

Your Privacy

Set Your Privacy


Choose your privacy for each section when editing your profile. You are able to set your privacy to public, all members, my connections and only me. To set your privacy, go to User Profile/Settings/Privacy.

Profile Visibility

Choose whether you want to be anonymous on our platform, or if you want to appear in searches, allow members to connect with you, and so much more. To set your visibility go to User Profile/Settings/Profile Visibility.

Group Invites

Restrict Group invites to only members who are connected with you. To enable the restriction, go to User Profile/Settings/Group Invites.

Email Preferences

Choose your email notification preferences. Whether you like to be notified when a member is mentioning you in the Activity Feed, or a member is sending you a message, etc., you are able to set your preferences at User Profile, Settings/Email Preferences.