Retention Policy

Effective Date: 05 MAY 2021

1. Introduction

1.1. When you use this website, we may collect and process certain personal information. This retention policy, together with our terms and conditions and our privacy policy, set out the basis on which your personal information that we collect from you, or that you provide to us, will be processed by us.

2. Job Applications

2.1 Since a single job posted on AOC can expire in either 15 or 30 days depending on the Job Package purchased, we purge application data and files after 30 days, or job applications will be deleted when the parent job listing is deleted by user or admin, or job applications will be removed on account erasure requests. 

3. Orders and Subscriptions

3.1 When a user is singing-up we store through orders: Billing(Name/Surname, address, IP and Company Name which is optional), Email, Phone Number + Username and we will store order information for 5 years for tax and accounting purposes. This includes the user’s name, email address and billing and shipping addresses.
3.2 Pending, Failed or Cancelled Orders will be erased in 7 days and Completed Orders and Ended Subscriptions for 5 years.

4. Form Submissions

4.1 When a user is applying to become an Instructor on AOC through our form found at, or requesting to become an Influencer by applying through our pop-up found at, we receive the forms in backend and store for 6 months. The forms will also be deleted on account erasure.

5. Security Logs

5.1 The IP address of visitors, user ID of logged in users, and username of login attempts are conditionally logged to check for malicious activity and to protect the site from specific kinds of attacks. Examples of conditions when logging occurs include login attempts, log out requests, requests for suspicious URLs, changes to site content, and password updates. This information is retained for 60 days.

6. Marketing opt-in

6.1 If you opt-in to receive marketing updates, we may use your personal information to provide you with product updates or marketing communications that we believe may be of interest to you. Personal data may also be used by our internal system to automate processes of our store.
6.2 We store a copy of your cart in our database for 60 days for the purpose of reminding you when your cart is abandoned.
6.3 We store your communication preferences such as whether you have opted in to receive marketing communication. This data is retained until you request the removal of your data.
6.4 We keep a log of some of the communication that we have with you which may include marketing and transactional emails. These are kept for the purpose of improving our marketing and communication with you and other customers. These logs are retained until you request removal of your data. 

6. Posts

6.1 When a blog post is removed will be permanently deleted with the associated media file. The blog post will also be removed at user account delete request.

7. User Data

7.1 All user data will be retained until profile has been deleted or has been deleted by the user itself. The information that is saved after signing up and user profile edited 100%, is found under the User Profile/Edit Profile – Details; About; Experience; Education; Achievements; Contact, along with activity posts, messages, photos, testimonials, documents and badges. All data will be erased if deciding to delete your profile.

8. Company Data

8.1 Company Data will be erased when a Company Page is deleted by an Administrator of the page. That includes all the registration details when created the Company(Name, Industry, LOGO, Cover Photo, Location, Description, Social Networks added, Website, Email, Phone Number, Year funded, News Feed with comments and photos, Employees added.

9. Groups Data

9.1 Deleting a group will completely remove All content associated with it, including all the registration details when created the Group(Name, Industry, Avatar photo, Cover Photo, Location, Description, News Feed with comments and photos, user added).

10. Resumes

10.1 Resumes with a matching email address will be sent to the trash during personal data erasure requests. They will then be permanently deleted after 30 days. Uploaded files will be deleted when a resume is deleted and removed from the trash. Resume listings are 30 days live before expiring. Expired listings must be relisted to become visible.

11. Job Listings

11.1 Job Listings will automatically expire after 15 or 30 days depending on the Job Package chosen when creating a job and deleted permanently after expiration.

12. Job Alerts

12.1 Job Alerts will be turned off for a search after 90 days. 

13. Consent

13.1 Registering or recording our visitor’s consent will collect the following information:

  • Anonymized IP Address – Most IP addresses are dynamic, so a full IP Address will be useless to specifically identify a user. We will anonymize and store the IP address.
  • A unique user ID which is also stored in the local storage of the user’s browser, making identification easier and more reliable than an IP address.
  • The consent type of the particular region; e.g., “Opt-in”
  • The consent choices – Either the categories on your cookie policy or exceptions like “No choice” and “No warning”, as explained below.
  • A timestamp of the latest consent choices by the user.
  • Proof of Consent document to prove the actual process of your consent management and which cookie policy was relevant during this process.

Exceptions in consent choices:
13.2 No choice – this happens when the user has not interacted with the cookie banner, but the banner was shown and the consent management process was started. A simple example would be someone who either did not notice the banner, or did not interact on purpose. This happens when banners are not easily visible or the user got what they needed on the page they landed or purposefully did not interact. A soft cookie wall, available under cookie banner settings should minimize this consent option.
13.3 No warning – this consent option is shown when the consent management process was cut off for 2 reasons; either the user is not in a region with a supported privacy law. Or privacy settings, like Do Not Track, and Global Privacy Controls are set in the browser and are respected by our site.
13.4 Both of these will also suggest the user will default to functional cookies only.
13.5 A user may request proof of consent, or the deletion of consent given.

14. Instructors Data

14.1 Instructors may create an account and upload and create content such as videos, text, photographs, and artwork. Your profile may display information about you and your activities. This information may be accessed by others. Your videos may be viewed and otherwise accessed by others, and associated metadata (e.g., titles, descriptions, tags, etc.) are viewable by others. Your interactions with other users (e.g., comments, “likes,” private messages) may be seen by others.
14.2 The videos are held until deleted by Instructor or erased on user account delete request along with any titles, descriptions, tags, comments, likes or private messages, course reports, certificates, reviews, commission reports, products and feedbacks.

15. Students Data

15.1 Students may take Courses available on-site. Your Courses progress may be viewed by the Course Instructor, and associated interactions with the course (e.g., comments, “reviews,”)may be seen by others. All your Courses taken along with associated interactions will be completely erased at Delete Account request, including course reports for Instructors, certificates, reviews and feedbacks.

16. Moderation Reports

16.1 Moderation reports – When a user is reporting another user, post, job, company, course or group, the report will immediately be marked as clean or deleted depending on assessment along with item reported. We keep a History log until user account deleted.
16.2 Also, if a user’s post, job, company, course or group is reported 3 times by different members, the item will be hidden. Example: If a user is reported 3 times by different members, the user will be hidden and logged out until further assessment by an admin. The user in question will be notified if his account is restored or deleted.