Dealing With Creative Blocks

Every creative person has had moments where we sit down or stand in front of our creative projects only for our minds to draw a blank. Creative blocks can be frustrating as we can feel disconnected from our work and creativity in general.

Here are a few tips that may help you deal with your creative block:

  • Remove distractions from your phone: We live in an era where we cannot escape from our phones. Everything is on there, including mobile games and social media. We’ve all been in the habit of sitting down with our intended creative project in front of us, hoping to be productive. Instead, we spent that time scrolling through mediocre Tik Toks for three hours. Deleting these apps until you’ve finished your tasks could help motivate your productivity.
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  • Keep a daily journal: Writing in a journal is great, not only for your creativity but for your mental well-being too. It is a fantastic tool to help you practice your writing and, if you have a creative block, write about that block. How does it make you feel? Explore why you may be feeling blocked. Get those unwanted thoughts out of your head and onto the page. If you are more of a visual person, you can even try drawing or painting your journal entries.
  • Meditate: When we are going through a creative block, sometimes we need to sit and take deep breaths to quiet our minds. Not everyone has forty minutes to spare, so even just five to ten minutes would suffice. There are plenty of types of meditations out there. If you’re an anxious or stressed person, then challenge yourself with zen or mindfulness. If you’re imaginative or visual, have fun listening to a guided meditation on Youtube or Podcast apps.

  • Get out in nature: You can study different cloud formations and guess what shape it’s forming. If you’re a dancer or choreographer, watch how the trees and plants dance in the breeze. Look for colorful birds and insects, or listen to the noises they make. There is so much we can learn from stepping out into the fresh air that nature provides.

  • Move your body: If you’re an active person, a recent study has shown that regular physical activity can boost your creativity. It’ll also help to put you in a better mood by feeling less stressed. Yoga and dancing are great workouts for creatives. A lot of people also get ideas when they go for a run or walk. Pick what you enjoy the most and stick with it. 
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It’s not news that the pandemic has affected us all. We’re all feeling fed up and fatigued. The worst thing we can do is force ourselves to do too much at once. Write down a list of the steps it would take to complete your project and try to do a little bit each day with the suggested steps above.

Comment below if you experienced a creative block recently and how you overcame it.

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